We Help You Thrive in Difficult Environments

Achieving success in hard environments can seem impossible, but it’s not!!

The image of “The Tree” and the surrounding environment represent what we call an unsuccessful environment where it is difficult if not impossible to find ways to be successful. Still, some people and some organizations find ways to thrive in environments that choke the life out of everything else.

People and businesses represented by “The Tree” have distinctive qualities that are different from others.

We help you discover and develop those qualities for yourself so that you too will be able to learn to thrive in the most difficult environments.

Our Philosophy

How do we achieve successes in environments that themselves are unsuccessful?

High performing people and businesses typically earn this designation because they distinguish themselves by learning how to perform in environments that are more conducive to failure than success. It isn’t enough anymore to simply come prepared with the best people; or to have the best skills; or to even have the best product or service. A consistent high level of performance is more difficult to achieve and even more difficult to sustain than at any time before.

We believe things are harder today than ever before. People and businesses exist in out-of-control environments. Just as nature doesn’t adjust to a tree in barren land, successful people and businesses don’t expect their environments to adjust to them. And like the tree can’t control the weather, people and business can’t control their surroundings, so they must make adjustments in the things that are within their control. At the end of the day, the only thing they can control is themselves.

Controlling what gives them control is what they do to succeed; overcoming what impacts the control they need is how they do it; fulfilling the purpose of their lives and businesses is why they do it. People and businesses represented by “The Tree” have distinctive qualities that are different from others.

Our philosophy about developing yourself to be uncommonly effective is simple yet profound. Development is a lifelong process of making little transformational changes in who you are to dictate the effectiveness of what you do. Becoming an uncommonly effective person or leader must be something that starts first within you, before it can be seen outside of you manifesting in uncommon results. We can help you discover and develop those qualities for you and your business creating a way for you to be successful in the most unsuccessful environments.

Keynote Speaking

Uncommonly effective people usually have uncommonly effective messages that inspire others to action. Our guest speaking expert, Allen Forte, has a unique background and perspective that have made him a powerful and inspiring speaker on a wide range of topics for any occasion.

He delivers his messages with passion and inspiration that moves listeners to transformational change. His messages are always relevant for the times we face. His core messages are typically built around one of our core products, "Exceptional Performers - Insights into Overcoming Millennial Leadership", “Becoming Uncommonly Effective” and “Transformational Planning” which he authored.

Allen's keynotes are relevant to the challenges you are facing.  To schedule a keynote speaking engagement or for more information, contact us at robin@peopleprograms.com or call (254) 718-1672.

Coaching Intensives

Today’s environment is hard. Whether you work in the corporate world or the non-profit sector, lack of effective leadership today has created difficult and unsuccessful environments in many organizations.

Our expertise is helping teams learn to thrive in difficult environments. Our approach to coaching intensives has proven to be unique and impactful. In a custom half-day or full-day session, teams will learn to think differently and approach their work from a changed mind resulting in better performance for them and those they lead. Our style of coaching intensives delivers a powerful message to those who attend impacting all of life – work, family, and play.

Creating uncommonly effective leaders results in better performance in any organization. Better performance by better leaders results in lower turnover, more engaged employees and ultimately, better outcomes.

To schedule a coaching intensive for your team, or for more information, contact us at robin@peopleprograms.com or call (254) 718-1672

Coaching Intensives
Strategic Planning

Transformational Development and Planning

Transformational Development and Planning is a paradigm shift in how we come to view what we commonly refer to as strategic planning. The relationship between development and planning is crucial to understand and critical to master if you want to become a person or business of greater value. Great businesses know who they are before they plan how and what to do.

We will lead your team through a process to create a ‘One Thing Transformational Plan’ that will change your business from one that is goal focused to one that is purpose focused. Learn to perform beyond your limits and reach heights never before imagined.

To schedule a Transformational Development and Planning session, or for more information, contact us at robin@peopleprograms.com or call (254) 718-1672

One Thing Transformational Planning

About People Programs Group

Founded by Allen Forte in early 2005, People Programs Group, Inc. (PPG), is focused on helping people and businesses experience better performance while thriving in difficult environments. Centered on Executive Leadership Development and Transformational Business Strategy, PPG has helped transform the success of thousands of people and organizations across business, industry, and government sectors around the world. Allen has been a leading developer of People and Transformational Business Strategy for more than twenty years. He has built a strong reputation for designing and implementing transformational leadership and business management processes necessary to drive the change to sustain continued individual and business success.

The seeds and inspiration for developing our “One Thing” Transformational Development and Planning Program were manifested and planted during a very successful twenty-plus year military career where Allen was noted for designing and developing high level people and business strategies.

One Thing Transformational Development and Planning is a trendsetting program approach enabling leaders to become more effective at developing and implementing objectives for sustained business successes. Allen’s broad professional background makes him uniquely suited to take a holistic approach to providing client solutions around People Development, Transformational Development and Planning, Strategic Operations and Execution. His inspirational delivery creates a highly motivated audience resulting in a desire to become better people and businesses.

In December 1999, Allen was fortunate to retire from a very successful career as an officer in our nation’s military where he rose to the level of senior people and business strategist. He held key positions in Planning and Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Department of Defense Acquisition for the Army, Pentagon. Allen holds a master’s degree from The George Washington University, Washington, DC, an undergraduate from Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia. He is also a graduate of the Army Center and College for Human Resources Professionals, The Army Command and General Staff College and The National Defense University with a concentration in Long Range Transformational Planning. During his time with the Defense Department, Allen was a noted leader in developing other leaders, strategic thinking and in the formulation of business strategy. He is a noted author and speaker on a range of topics dealing with the performance of people and the performance of business. 

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